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Kansas City Train Accident Attorney

The Kansas City Southern Railway Company, Kansas City Terminal Railway, and RideKC Streetcar operate hundreds of trains throughout the region every day. Passenger and cargo trains are vital to the state and national economies. Riding the train or streetcar can be an excellent way to commute without dealing with traffic or gas prices – yet sometimes it comes at a more personal price. When trains get into accidents, it can cost passengers and other parties their lives. Wendt Law Firm P.C. has represented victims of train accidents in Kansas and Missouri.

Who Is Responsible for a Train Accident?

Trains are common carriers, or vehicles that carry goods or passengers for money. As common carriers, trains must follow specific federal laws in regard to safety and operations. These laws outline how train companies must hire and train employees, upkeep their cars, and operate the trains. When a company breaks any of these laws, it can lead to an unsafe condition that ultimately causes an accident. Parties potentially liable for these injuries include:

  • Railroad company. KC’s railroad companies do not have to guarantee passenger safety, but they must use the highest degree of care and vigilance to reasonably prevent harm. Inspection violations, lack of maintenance, and poorly trained conductors who cause accidents can all come down to railway negligence. The company is typically liable for the actions of its employees due to vicarious liability laws.
  • Product manufacturer. Trains rely on a variety of products and equipment for safe transport. Everything from the brake system to the railroad crossing arm and alarm are vital to the safety of all involved. A defective product can malfunction at an inopportune time, resulting in a preventable accident. In these cases, victims may have claims against the product’s manufacturer or distributor.
  • A third party. Some train accidents occur because another motorist on the roadway unsafely crosses the tracks, leading to a collision. If another driver stops or stalls on the railroad tracks, he or she may be responsible for a subsequent accident. Third parties may also include Kansas City for an unsafe railroad crossing or defective traffic light. Suing a government entity involves different laws and rules than typical cases.

Common train accidents involve trains derailing, colliding with other trains, or striking passengers at unprotected railroad crossings. Passengers, employees, other drivers, and bystanders can all suffer serious injuries in a train accident. Understanding who may be at fault for your KC train accident may require an investigation.

Trust an Attorney for Train Accident Investigations

Looking at the train’s black box can help determine negligence. The black box is a device that records the train’s activities, such as the vehicle’s speed, braking, direction, and whether the conductor used the horn. Examining the black box can lead to the discovery that the conductor failed to use the appropriate standards of care, resulting in a crash. Interviewing eyewitnesses and looking into the train company’s operations can also come up with evidence regarding the accident. As an injured passenger or railroad worker, come to our KC law firm for help with the discovery and litigation processes. Schedule a consultation today.

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