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Our law firm represents those who have suffered personal injuries or have lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of another. We specialize in personal injury trial litigation and focus our attention on those we represent.

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Kansas City Product Liability Attorney

Defective and dangerous products are responsible for thousands of injuries each year in the United States. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are legally responsible for producing and stocking reasonably safe products for consumers. If you suffered an injury as the result of a defective or dangerous product, you may be entitled to compensation. Learn about your legal options and if you have grounds for a product liability claim during a free consultation with the Kansas City product liability attorneys at Wendt Law Firm, P.C.


What Is Product Liability?

Product liability refers to the idea that a manufacturer or seller might be legally responsible for putting an injury-causing product into the hands of a consumer. The law requires that a product meet certain expectations of the consumer. When an unexpected defect or inherently dangerous condition leads to injury, a manufacturer or retailer may have violated these expectations.

Product liability law varies from state to state, but these laws usually involve the legal theories of negligence, breach of warranty, and strict liability.

Who Is Responsible?

Anyone involved in the manufacture, distribution, or retail of a defective product might be legally responsible for injuries. Examples of responsible parties include:

  • The product’s manufacturer
  • The manufacturer of the component parts
  • Any third party who assembles the product
  • The retailer
  • A wholesaler

Kinds of Product Liability

Product liability cases fall under the legal theory of strict liability, which means that an injured plaintiff doesn’t need to prove negligence led to the defective condition. In other words, all a plaintiff needs to prove is that a product was inherently dangerous or defective and that condition led to his or her injuries. There are a few different types of defects that could lead to a product liability claim:

  • A design defect. This refers to any inherently dangerous condition the manufacturer designed into the product. In other words, this defect affects an entire line of products, not just a batch. An example might be a phone manufactured with a dangerous lithium battery.
  • Manufacturing defects, by contrast, affect only certain batches of a product line. An example might be a batch of applesauce tainted with listeria.
  • Marketing defects refer to improper labeling, lack of appropriate instructions or warnings, and explicit explanations about proper use.

Who Is Responsible for My Injuries?

One of the most difficult parts of litigating a product liability claim is determining who is at fault for your injuries. This requires an extensive investigation and an experienced hand. One benefit of product liability cases is that an injured plaintiff does not have to prove a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer committed negligence. Rather, the defendant must prove they were not negligent. This can make it easier for victims to collect damages for their injuries.

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A product liability claim can help you pay for medical bills, lost wages, and the intangible losses of an accident. These cases, however, require the assistance of an experienced Kansas City product liability attorney. At Wendt Law P.C. our Kansas City injury lawyers stand up for victims of personal injury and advocate for their needs. To learn more about our product liability services or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us.