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Kansas City Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Damages after a motorcycle accident are often severe. If a motorcyclist survives the crash, he or she may have serious to catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, road rash, concussion, traumatic brain damage, or a spine injury. The motorcycle may require expensive repairs or replacement. Even “minor” crashes can result in medical bills, missed time at work, and other costs. After such an incident in Kansas City, come to Wendt Law Firm P.C. for legal counsel. You likely qualify for financial compensation from an at-fault party.

Crash Facts in the Kansas City Region

According to a Kansas City regional crash report, there was an average of 32 motorcyclist fatalities and 192 serious injuries per year over a recent five-year period. Despite motorcycles representing a minority of vehicles on the roadway, the number of accidents and injuries remain high. Motorists should take extra caution when traveling around motorcycles. Motorcycle riders are at increased risks of injuries and deaths in accidents. There are laws in Kansas and Missouri that aim to improve the safety of its vulnerable road users. Breaking these laws, resulting a crash, is negligence.

In Kansas, motorcyclists under the age of 18 must wear approved helmets at all times. All motorcycle operators must wear eye protection unless windscreens measure at least 10 inches high from the center of the handlebars. In Missouri, all riders, regardless of age, must wear helmets. If a motorcyclist breaks the helmet law and sustains head injuries in a crash, the defense may argue he or she contributed to the injury by failing to wear a helmet. Motorcycle operators must also ensure their vehicles have the proper lights, brakes, turn signals, mirrors, and other equipment.

In many cases, it is not the motorcyclist who is at fault in an accident. Other drivers often fail to see motorcycles and pull out directly in front of them. Vehicles making left-hand turns are the most dangerous to motorcyclists. Distracted, reckless, drunk, and drowsy drivers are all dangers that put vulnerable motorcyclists at risk. Aside from another driver, something such as a defective bike part or a roadway hazard may cause a crash. In these cases, there are still potential defendants the motorcyclist can go up against during mediation or trial. Always speak to an experienced accident attorney after a motorcycle crash in Kansas City.

About Motorcycle Accident Claims in KC

To be eligible for compensation, you must prove the defendant was negligent and that this act of negligence caused the motorcycle crash. The defendant may try to argue comparative negligence, or that you own a percentage of fault for the crash. This might be the case if you were speeding or lane splitting at the time. Missouri and Kansas abide by different laws when it comes to comparative fault. In both states, however, you can still receive compensation even if you were partially responsible.

The only way to get all the facts about your particular accident and to discover your options for financial recovery is to speak with an attorney. Retain Wendt Law Firm P.C. for help with motorcycle accident cases in KC. We can help you maximize your compensation award in any way possible. Contact us today.