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Kansas City Burn Injury Attorney

Burns are some of the most painful and traumatizing personal injury events imaginable. Burns can destroy the skin and affect the deeper layers, resulting in permanent scarring, disfigurement, or disability. Even “minor” burns can be incredibly painful and emotionally traumatic. When one person’s lapse in judgment or moment of recklessness results in another person’s burn injuries, the victim may be able to take the perpetrator to court. For legal representation during these personal injury cases in Kansas City, count on the Kansas City burn injury lawyer at Wendt Law Firm P.C.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burns can be thermal, chemical, electrical, or radiation-related. Thermal burns are the most common, and they stem from contact with fire or a hot surface. Electrical burns are common in the workplace, particularly in the construction industry. Burns may occur in car accidents, in the workplace, or around the house. Knowing the degree of your burn injury can help you understand the level of compensation to which the law may entitle you. There are four categories of burn injuries:

  1. First degree. First-degree, or superficial burns, damage the top layer of skin. These burns are painful and can make the skin appear red and dry. They are relatively minor, typically don’t require emergency medical care, and don’t result in permanent scarring. First-degree burns may not qualify as “real damages” in the eyes of the law unless they amount to medical bills or significant pain and suffering.
  2. Second degree. These burns are more serious than first degree. They are superficial partial-thickness burns that damage the top two layers of skin. Blisters can form, and they take seven to 21 days to heal. The area affected may appear permanently lighter or darker than the rest of the body. Infection may occur with second-degree burns, as they break the skin. They can be painful and require medical attention.
  3. Third-degree. Deep partial-thickness burns extend into the deepest layers of the skin. They are painful and almost always develop blisters. These burns take more than 21 days to heal, and they can lead to minor to severe permanent scarring. Third-degree burns can require hospitalization during treatment and recovery.
  4. Fourth degree. Full-thickness burns are the most severe type. They affect the underlying tissues and muscles as well as completely destroy the skin. These burns often require skin grafts and other surgeries for treatment. Scarring is usually severe, and amputation is a possibility. Some people do not survive fourth-degree burns or experience complications such as infections.

Hiring a Kansas City Burn Injury Lawyer

All burn injuries can be painful and traumatic experiences to victims. They can result in thousands of dollars in medical costs and missed wages at work, as well as significant emotional damage. If you aren’t sure if your injuries give you grounds to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, consult with our attorneys. We will review your injuries and give you our professional legal opinion on whether or not a lawsuit is worth the expense. If burns are catastrophic or fatal, definitely give our Kansas City law firm a call. You could be eligible for a large settlement or judgment award.

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