What Is Considered a Pre-Existing Condition?

If you already had a medical condition or old injury prior to seeking coverage for a new injury, prepare for a more difficult claims process. You have what is known as a pre-existing condition in personal injury law – something …


What Are the Damage Caps for Personal Injury Claims in Missouri?

Most personal injuries are preventable. They happen when someone acts outside of the standards of care, such as a driver who speeds or drives drunk. When a preventable mistake causes an injury, the victim has the right to file a …


What Can I Expect During a Virtual Consultation With a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The novel COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of many things, including personal injury law. Services available in the past, such as in-person meetings, may no longer be possible. Instead, your personal injury lawyer in Kansas City may offer a …


Who Is Liable If I’m Injured While Using a Rideshare Service?

You can travel almost anywhere nowadays and hail a ride through a rideshare service. Unfortunately, the safety of your ride is not guaranteed. Your Uber or Lyft driver could make a mistake that causes a serious accident. If you were …


4 Injuries You Might Not Notice After a Crash

Most people picture traumatic injuries such as broken bones and lacerations when they think of car accident injuries. It may be hard to imagine suffering an injury that you do not notice right away. The average person’s adrenaline after a …


Can a Delayed Medical Diagnosis Affect My Claim?

Not all accident injuries are immediately apparent. Some have delayed symptoms that lead to delayed medical diagnoses. It is important to wait until you have verified whether or not you have an injury before settling your accident claim with an …


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