Has Your Loved One Suffered From a Fall and Fracture?

As our loved ones continue to grow older, their bodies continue to grow more frail and vulnerable. While in youth they might have been able to handle the rigors and stress of daily life, it becomes increasingly easy to injure themselves. With frail and brittle bones, even the simplest of falls can end in painful consequences – in severe consequences, even death.

When we place our loves on the care of a nursing home, we are trusting that they will always put the patient first, keeping a steady eye on them during the day to ensure that they are not putting themselves in precarious situations. There are, however, nursing homes that simply do not watch out for the wellbeing of their residents as we trust them to. When they begin to act negligent and careless, patients can begin to attempt to do things for themselves. Whether reaching for something or performing some other task that should be handled by the staff, they can slip or trip, and fall. These falls can occur while standing, while lying in a bed or while in a wheelchair. If they are not being cared for properly, they can even be left in this frightening position for extended periods of time, unable to stand or reach a call button.

Experienced Fall & Fractures Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

At Wendt Law Firm P.C., we have seen how nursing home neglect can lead to personal injuries of this nature. When not watched and cared for properly, our loved ones begin to have to assist themselves – often by attempting tasks that they simply are not physically capable of any longer

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