Prescription Errors

Advances in medical science have led to the creation of a myriad of prescription drugs to treat nearly every kind of disease or illness, but have also resulted in disastrous unforeseen consequences for the patients who take them. An estimated 450,000 preventable medication-related adverse events occur in the U.S. every year.

If you have suffered injury or illness as a result of a prescription error, it is imperative that you seek legal representation to make certain your rights are protected and the party at fault is held responsible. You may have a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer, the drug’s marketing company (if different from the manufacturer), or the healthcare professional who prescribed the drug.

At Wendt Law Firm P.C., our experienced legal team will consult with pharmaceutical and medical experts and thoroughly investigate your claim to determine if you have a case. Our skilled medical malpractice attorneys will then negotiate a settlement or take your case to trial to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you deserve. A consultation with one of our attorneys is free and you will pay nothing unless there is a successful resolution of your case.