Kansas City Product Liability Attorney

With advancements in medicine, the use of medical devices has grown into a 100 billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, medical devices are often inadequately tested and rushed to market by companies eager to make a profit. If you have suffered injuries caused by a defective medical device, it is crucial that you obtain quality legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected and the company responsible is held accountable.

Manufacturers are liable for foreseeable injuries caused by their defective products.  The laundry list of warnings that accompanies the use of a medical device is the manufacturer’s attempt to prevent the recovery of damages caused by its negligence. A seasoned personal injury attorney is required to do battle against these billion dollar corporations.

At Wendt Law Firm P.C., our experienced legal team will work with medical experts to determine if you have a claim and then negotiate a settlement or represent you at trial to ensure you receive the monetary compensation you deserve. Your initial consultation is free and we will only receive a fee in the event of a successful resolution of your case.