Testosterone Lawsuits

Testosterone therapy treatment for men with low testosterone, or Low T, has increased nearly fivefold over the last decade. Originally intended to treat the serious medical condition hypogonadism, these drugs have increasingly been prescribed as a cure for the natural conditions of aging, such as a reduced sex drive and loss of muscle mass. Recent studies have linked testosterone therapy with an increased risk of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack, as well as sleep apnea and breast enlargement. The United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a safety announcement declaring its intention to further investigate these risks, and on March 3rd, 2015 the FDA issued a warning for those using testosterone therapy drugs. If you have received testosterone therapy treatment, it is essential that you obtain quality legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected.

Common testosterone gels include: Andor Gel, Axiron, Bio-T Gel, Foresta and Testim.

Testosterone injection products are Delatestry and Depo-Testosterone.

AndroDerm is a widely prescribed testosterone patch.

A commonly prescribed testosterone implant is Testopel.

A Journal of the American Medical Association study found that the rate of negative cardiovascular events was significantly higher among men who took testosterone therapy drugs compared to those men who did not.

Lawsuits against manufacturers of AndroGel (Abbot Laboratories and AbbVie, Inc.) have alleged that the companies hid the risk of side effects, including failing to adequately research the risks of stroke, heart attack or death for patients and withholding information from physicians and patients about the potential of dangerous cardiovascular injuries from testosterone treatment.

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